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what we do

Zabýváme se 5 službami, které nabízíme naším zákazníkům z automobilového, potravinářského a strojního průmyslu.

2D - Laser cutting Trumpf

We specialise in laser cutting on the Trumpf machine.

3D - Laser cutting Adige

We cut round (tubes), rectangular, square and other profiles. The rotary axis can clamp profiles from 12x12mm up to 200x200mm in lengths of 6,000mm.

CNC bending Trumpf

We offer bending of pipes, sheets and various materials of all sizes.

Sheet metal punching on CNC machines

This combined technology takes advantage of both types of machining on a single machine. We can handle standard contours, forming with the punching head and cut complex contours with the laser.

Product marking/assembly/completion

Laser marking and laser engraving are high-demand methods of identification and are successfully replacing ink-jets and labels.


We provide flame welding and electric arc welding using MIG, TIG and WIG methods. Depending on the type of weldment and project requirements, we perform fusion and spot welding.


Turning, milling (conventional and CNC), drilling, threading, grinding.